Making bead keychains? Read these 4 tips!

Make your own keychain

Would you like to make a bead keychain? Check out our four tips to help you get started! Not only will we explain how to make a keychain, but also which beads to use and which cord is suitable for them. After reading this blog you will surely be inspired...

14 July 2022
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DIY: Photo keychain

Personalized photo keychain

Making a photo keychain seems too difficult for you? We promise you the opposite! Making a photo keychain yourself is quite easy and we will explain exactly what you need and how to do it A photo keychain is very personal...

9 May 2022
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DIY: Name Keychain

Keychain with letter beads

Would you like to make a keychain with a name? Great, then you've come to the right place! In this blog we will tell you which jewelry findings you need and how you can make such a keychain yourself. Are you making the keychain with...

21 April 2022
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Gift ideas for the festive season

Jewelry making kits & jewelry ready to wear

The holidays are almost upon us and that means that we are all looking for fun, original and above all personal gifts. You don't have anything at home yet and you are looking for the perfect gift for...

23 November 2021
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Top 5 bracelet finishing methods

From sliding knot to magnetic clasp

Are you interested in making bracelets? In this blog we will show you how to finish your bracelets professionally using five different methods. Making bracelets with, for example, elastic thread...

4 October 2021
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Attaching a jewelry clasp

3 Methods for attaching a lobster clasp

Finishing your jewelry beautifully is an important part of basic knowledge for making bracelets and necklaces. Jewelry findings such as lobster clasps, crimp covers and jump rings come in handy...

20 September 2021
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DIY: Make your own sunglasses chain


Yes, it's that time again: sunny days! And that's why it's also time for a new DIY blog. We are going to make a nice sunglasses chain and we will explain how step-by-step. So, do you feel like making a sunglasses chain? Read on and get ....

18 June 2021
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Putting on a clasp bracelet yourself


Do you always have such trouble putting on your clasp bracelet on your own? We understand your struggle. And that's why we have the solution for you! To solve this problem once and for all, you only need:...

15 June 2021
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Valentine's Day gift tips


February 14 is the day of love. We have the best gift ideas if you want to give away (homemade) jewelry. Or would you prefer to receive our pearls and charms for Valentine's Day...

20 January 2021
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Review 2020

Review 2020 + Sneak peek new items

A small spoiler, but in 2021 we will really go crazy with new products! At the moment we are busy unpacking some really nice items that have arrived recently. We can't wait to show them to you...

29 December 2020
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