Glass beads

The ultimate basic beads are glass beads! They are available in all shapes, sizes and colors and you can combine them well with other beads. At Dreambeads Online you can count on the best quality at an affordable price.
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Glas beads - an awesome collection

Glass beads are the perfect basic beads for jewelry making. Our range is very diverse and that is why you will always find the beads to suit your style. There is also a lot of choice within our range. We have both mat and shiny glass beads, electroplated, round and flat beads and fun bead mixes. These bead mixes are made up of different types, sizes and colors of glass beads are available in an affordable price range. Bead mixes are ideal if you want to make jewelry with all kinds of beads.

Do you want to make a beautiful glas bead bracelet? Choose your favorite type of glass beads and create playful combinations with our wooden beads, freshwater pearls or faceted beads. For your bracelet or necklace with glass beads, you can also choose to add trendy charms or pendants to them for a unique look. Choose from stainless steel charms or beautiful pendants made of natural stone. Glass beads are also very suitable for designing earrings and they look stunning!

In our range of glass beads, we also have beautiful closed rings of 14 mm. These closed rings are made of glass and may vary slightly in size. The closed rings are fun to use in jewelry making. Attach a closed ring as a pendant to a necklace, to an earring or use it as a connector for a bracelet.

Are you looking for beads to make special beadwork and other beading patterns? Then we definitely recommend you to take a look at our DQ glass beads collection. Here we offer many small glass beads, available in various unusual shapes with single or double bead holes. Due to the large choice of glass beads in our range o, they are really awesome to work with.

Glass beads are available at Dreambeads Online in common sizes of 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 mm and in many trendy colors. Discover which colors and types suit you and start making jewelry!