Natural Wooden Beads

View our untreated, natural wooden beads here. Choose from a diverse range of wooden beads with different shapes and sizes, up to 40 mm. Use them for your jewelry projects or your interior designs and create a fashionable natural look.
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Natural wooden beads are made of non treated wood and are real bestsellers within our range - and we completely understand why. These beautiful natural beads are extremely versatile. In our range you will find a wide selection of natural wooden beads, available in different sizes. Our round natural wooden beads come in at approximately 10 mm and go up to 40 mm. In addition to round natural wooden beads we also have other shapes in our collection such as wooden rings, cubes and many more.

Our different shapes of untreated natural wood!
Round | Wooden ring | Cube | Various shapes

The characteristic of natural wooden beads is that they have a pure and rustic look. These character traits come in handy when making various interior accessories for your home. Popular and very fun to make are wooden bead garlands, bead lamps, door handle hangers and coasters.

When making bead wall hanging decoration, you can really go in any direction! Choose large and smaller natural wooden beads, round, square or flat. Combine the natural wood with our colored wooden beads for a nice mix or go for the Scandinavian look by using only natural wooden beads. You can hang nice ornaments such as cards, soaps, clothes hangers, shells and more on bead wall hanging decoration.

Are you such a creative person and have you made something beautiful with our natural wooden beads? We are very curious! Take pictures of your handcrafted pieces and share them with us on social media with #dreambeadsonline.

Did you know that you can also dye natural wooden beads yourself? Super fun and very creative to do! With your painted wooden beads you can make your own key holder in no time. Making a key ring with natural wood is also a great idea for a children's party or workshop!

What do you need:
>Bare wooden beads in the desired shape and size
>Key holder
>Faux suede, nylon or waxed cord for threading your wooden beads
>Acrylic paint and brushes
>Masking tape for painting straight lines
>Long skewers on which you can paint your wooden bead.

Dreambeads Online is the supplier of beautiful natural wooden beads of good quality and with fast shipping. View our collection of natural wood and discover all the different types on offer!

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