Wooden beads

Wooden Beads

Looking for beautiful wooden beads? At Dreambeads Online you can choose from many different types of beads to make unique make jewelry with. We offer an extensive range at affordable prices. Discover them all!
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Looking for unique and high quality wooden beads? Discover our extensive range of wooden beads. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and trendy colors. A prominent and important feature of wooden beads is their natural and authentic look. This natural look continues to be a trend these days, which is the reason why these pearls are so popular.

As our wooden bead collection is so extensive, we have created individual looks for our different types of wooden beads. With the vintage look, the wooden beads have a washed, authentic aspect to them, and this collection consists of a wide range. What is a vintage look? The vintage look describes a more classic style, from a certain time, both in fashion and in design. Vintage looking products look older than they are, which makes them very popular. For more glamour, especially in autumn and winter, opt for wooden beads with the metallic look. What is a metallic look? Our wooden beads are coated with a metallic shimmering layer which has a certain matt sheen. The wooden beads in metallic look can be combined in many ways with other beads from our collection and are the absolute fashion trend! Necklaces and bracelets are the perfect way to get started with in this metallic look trend. And what about a natural look? Anyone who chooses wooden beads with a natural look deliberately foregoes a striking appearance. This collection clearly shows the various types of wood with a natural look, which can be ideally used for your handcrafted jewelry. The natural look is particularly suitable for your everyday necklaces and bracelets. Real natural beauties! Do you prefer a stylish and eye-catching appearance like an intense look? Our collection of wooden beads with an intense look contains bright colors which absolutely emphasize this look. Set decorative accents from festive to modern with your necklaces and bracelets in the intense look. For the special occasions in life, wooden beads in the intense look style are real eye-catchers!

At Dreambeads Online we have also divided our range of wooden beads into different sections: treated or dyed wooden beads, untreated natural wooden beads, and untreated wooden rings, all of which are great for craft projects. The wooden bead trends 2022 include a great variety of the treated wooden beads such as Bayong, Cheesewood, Greywood, Jackfruit, Marble Ceder, Salwag, Robles, Rosewood, Patikan, Palmwoord and Whitewood. The largest range of dyed wooden beads can be found in the categories 'Vintage Look' and 'Intense Look' where you can choose from numerous beautiful colors. The must-haves wooden beads with that extra sparkle can be found in the categorie 'Metallic Look'. These outstanding wooden beads have a shiny metallic coating giving them a stunning appearance. Combine them beautifully with other wooden beads, metal beads, charms, and even gemstone beads.

Besides using wooden beads to make different pieces of jewelry, they can also be used to upgrade your home decor. How to decorate with wooden beads? Here are just a few ideas of what you can make: a wooden bead garland, a wooden bead chandelier, a door wreath, a door knob hanger or even a beaded vase. Drape the wooden bead garland simply over a pile of books or over a your favorite piece of pottery.

Since we have been a wholesaler of treated and untreated wooden beads for many years, we can offer an exclusive range with excellent value for money. Choose your favorite beads and easily place your order online. You can order from us both as a private and business customer. We deliver to everyone who - like us - is crazy about wooden beads! Order before 5 p.m. on a business day (Monday to Friday) and your order will be shipped the same day!

Our wooden beads are truly unique, making them ideal for all your jewelry projects. Are you already curious to make jewelry yourself with these amazing wooden beads? Great! At Dreambeads Online you will find all jewelry making supplies including various types of threading material for your wooden beads. Have you already discovered all our collections? As you can see, there is plenty of choice for making bracelets or necklaces.