Miyuki thread

Miyuki Thread

Miyuki stands for quality also in this category of beading thread. Miyuki thread does not fray - it is very thin and therefore ideal for making weave bracelets with small beads such as seed beads of 2 mm.
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Are you looking for Miyuki thread? We have an extensive collection with the best Miyuki products. Our range with Miyuki thread consists of various nice colors, suitable for every season. Miyuki thread is extremely strong and does not split. This is one of the reasons that Miyuki beading thread is very popular.

What exactly is Miyuki thread and what can you do with it? Miyuki wire is a thin nylon cord 0.2 mm thick. Due to the strength of the thread, Miyuki threads are ideal for jewelry making. Miyuki thread comes in handy especially when making weave bracelets. When making weave bracelets, you will of course also need Miyuki Delica beads (11/0 mm) in addition to a bead loom. These are very fine beads, suitable for weaving bracelets and other beadwork. In addition to these Delicas, we also have Miyuki Tila beads in our range. Super nice beads which you have to see!

All Miyuki products, like our entire range, are available directly from stock. This way you will have your favorite Miyuki thread quickly at home and you can get started right away. In addition, we have competitive prices and a diverse Miyuki range. What will you make with our Miyuki beading thread? Perhaps weave bracelets or creative beadwork with the so-called Peyote stitch. The thread goes through the bead hole several times. Choose a Miyuki thread in the color that matches your Delica beads or other beads and make the most beautiful jewelry! Miyuki is an established name in the DIY jewelry world. Miyuki supplies stand for quality and are indispensable when making jewelry.