Crimp beads

Discover all crimp beads and covers here. Crimp beads remain firmly in place after being squeezed onto your stringing material. To get that truly professional look, try closing one of our Crimp Bead Covers over the Crimp Bead. It's easy and it looks so good!
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Crimp beads are small metal beads which you can pinch closed with flat nose pliers. These essential beads have a significant role when finishing your jewelry. Jump rings, lobster clasps and other jewelry findings are attached to your jewelry wire with the help of a crimp bead. As crimp beads are used for this essential role in jewelry making, they are an absolute vital accessory. Curious to know how to use crimp beads when making jewelry? Take a look at our blog 'Attaching a jewelry clasp'. We explain 3 different methods for attaching a lobster clasp using crimp beads.

We have a wide range of crimp beads in assorted sizes and colors. A popular inner size crimp bead is approximately 1 mm and fits several jewelry wires. If you are working with a thinner jewelry wire, the smaller crimp beads of 0.5 mm will be a better choice as they are a better fit on the jewelry wire. Always make sure that your jewelry wire can be passed twice through the crimp bead. If in doubt, we recommend that you choose a slightly larger inner size of the crimp bead.

In addition to crimp beads, we also have crimp bead covers. But what is a crimp bead cover? For a nice finish to your pinched crimp bead, we advise to use a crimp bead cover. Place it over the crimp bead and carefully pinch it closed so that it you are left with a nice finish.

Crimp beads are also used to make a 'floating bead' necklace. Place crimp beads on either side of your bead on a jewelry wire and pinch them closed. Repeat this step for several beads on your jewelry wire, giving your beads a special floating effect. This technique is widely used for making necklaces.