Point discount system

Shopping at Dreambeads Online is even more fun with our Points System, which lets you save great discounts. How does it work? Read more about how you get a discount, how much they're worth and of course how you spend it.

collect points
By collecting points in different ways during your shopping session, you can simply save a nice discount that you can make with your order.

You can collect these points in the following ways:

With each completed order you will receive a value of 10 points per € 1.00;
We will regularly keep you informed about which products you can collect extra points.

Value points
Your saved points have the following value:

10 points = € 0,10
100 points = € 1,00
1000 points = € 10,00

You place an order with a value of € 24.00 excl.shipping. This order yields 24 x 10 points and is immediately added to your account after you have completed your order. With a next order you can redeem your saved 240 points that are worth € 2.40.

Convert points to discount
Your points balance is automatically recorded in your account and can be found at My discountpoints. To redeem a few, or your complete point collection, go to the checkout and adjust it easily.

Pay attention:
To use the discount system, you have to place orders with an account. Do'nt have an account yet? Then create your own account here quickly and easily. Your saved points are not valid on shipping costs.

Do you have further questions concerning our points discount system? Then contact us here.

Graduated discount

Do you want to buy large quantities at once? We would like to reward this with a nice graduate discount that is automatically calculated during checkout. Fortunately, we have a wide range and the stock is always up to date.

View the discounts you can receive here:

When you purchase from euro 200,- you receive a 5% discount;
When you purchase from euro 300,- you receive a 7% discount;
When you purchase from euro 400,- you receive a 9% discount;
When you purchase from euro 500,- you receive a 11% discount;
When you purchase from euro 600,- you receive a 13% discount;