We ❤ wooden beads

February 21, 2019

Everything about our wooden beads

Are you interested in buying wooden beads? We will tell you EVERYTHING about this! Including useful information, tips and what you can expect from our range with these must-haves.

Wooden beads are incredibly popular beads and therefore our most versatile collection. They're not only available in the most varied sizes, but also in various shapes, colors and wood types.

So there is enough choice, suitable for your jewelry project. Good to know is that we have divided our assortment with wooden beads into two types: ordinary wood and natural wood. This way you can quickly find the right kind of wooden bead.

Colored wooden beads

Our colored wooden beads are available in different versions. With the Vintage Look the beads have a washed, authentic look and consist of a large assortment. You can choose from beautiful trend colors, but they look natural because of the vintage look.

For a little extra glamor you can choose our wooden beads with a Metallic Look. Of course very suitable during the autumn and winter, but as far as we are concerned, here are no rules and you can also string them outside of these 2 seasons ofcourse, between your other beads.

And what do you think about the Natural Look beads? This collection is the last new type of wooden beads that has been added to our collection. Here you can clearly see the different types of wood that you can apply to your jewelry. Real natural beauty's!

Do you want to stand out? Then we recommend our Intense Look wooden beads. Bright colors are'nt missing here.

houten kralen

Natural wood

Also extremely popular and available in a diverse range is our natural wood. This collection is not only suitable for making jewelry, but also for your interior are these unprocessed beads very nice.

Here you will find beads, but also pacifier clips and rings. In our natural wooden beads is also a big difference in sizes, starting at 3 mm and rising up to 40 mm.

blanke houten kralen

Suitable for baby's and children?

We are regularly asked if our wooden beads are suitable for baby and child jewelry. Our dyed (colored) wooden beads are not suitable for this. The most of our large natural beads are, because they're not processed and also tested for toxic substances. This does not apply to the smaller beads such as the tube and discus. Would you like to make pacifier cords? Take a look at our silicone collection.

With wooden beads in your jewelry you are never wrong. You can choose one particular look or mix the Vintage and Metallic beads for a surprising effect. Nice combinations with wooden beads are for example beads of coconut and gemstone. Add beautiful metal beads or thin spacers here and you can create professional jewelry in no time. Looking for more inspiration? Click here!

In short, would you like to order beautiful wooden beads of the best quality? Then you're in the right place at Dreambeads Online. We have a large and modern assortment of wooden beads especially for you that are cheaply priced and guaranteed for a quick delivery. Yeah!