Explanation jewelry making

First aid in making jewelry

Are you just beginning to make jewelry or would you like to refresh your memory? Read on quickly because here you will find a clear explanation about various basic components that you can use...

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In this blog we want to show you a more fun and unique weaving technique which we have used to make these beautiful earrings. We...

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Size chart for beads

Choose simply the right size

Do you recognize this? After an extensive search on our website, you finally found the beads you want to make the most beautiful jewelery with and you're about to put your...

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Our bead assortment

Affordable online beads

Is jewelry making your hobby, or are you just starting out? Then you're at the right place here at Dreambeads Online. We have a wide range with the best jewelry items such as charms...

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We ❤ wooden beads

Everything about our wooden beads

Are you interested in buying wooden beads? We will tell you EVERYTHING about this! Including useful information, tips and what you can expect from our range with these must...

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