Reward Points System

Shopping at Dreambeads Online is even more fun with our Reward Point System, which enables you to build up a credit value amount. How does it work? Read more about how to get a credit value amount, how much the reward points are worth and of course how to spend them.

Collect reward points
Reward points are earned with every purchased item during your shopping session and can be applied in your next order as a credit value amount. The reward points do not expire.

How to collect your reward points:

For every completed order you will receive 10 reward points for every € 1.00 of purchased items;
Also we will inform you regularly with which products you can collect additional points.

Credit value amount and redemption of the reward points
Your reward points have the following credit value amount:

10 points = € 0,10
100 points = € 1,00
1000 points = € 10,00

You place an order with a purchase value of € 24.00 excl.shipping. This order accumulates 24 x 10 reward points which ares immediately added to your account after order completion. When placing your next order you can redeem your accumulated 240 rewards points which are worth € 2.40.

Convert reward points to a credit value amount
Your reward point balance is automatically recorded in your account and can be found at My reward points. To redeem reward points partially or completely go to the checkout and simply enter the desired number opf reward points.

Please note:
To use the reward point system you have to place orders through an account. You don't have an account yet? Create your account here quickly and easily. Your accumulated reward points are not valid for shipping costs.

Do you have a question about the reward points system? Take a look at our frequently asked questions here or contact us.

Quantity discount

Do you want to purchase larger quantities? We are happy to reward these purchases with nice quantity discounts which are automatically calculated during checkout. Fortunately, we have a wide range of products and our stock is always up-to-date.

View the discounts here:

For a purchase over € 200,- you receive 5% discount;
For a purchase over € 300,- you receive 7% discount;
For a purchase over € 400,- you receive 9% discount;
For a purchase over € 500,- you receive 11% discount;
For a purchase over € 600,- you receive 13% discount;


Become a member of the Dreambeads Online Club! Create a customer account and immediately benefit from exclusive advantages and the Reward Points program.

Collect points and redeem them on your next order.


How does it work?



Create a customer account for free.



 Automatically earn points with every purchase. You receive 10 points for every €1 of purchase value.



Redeem your points on your next order! 10 points correspond to a purchase value of € 0.10. You can determine the redemption and the amount of the points yourself at the checkout.